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Welcome to the news page, last update November 2, 2017 - please visit Tours/Performances page for up to date performance info. This page receives only occassional updates due to my currently very busy schedule.

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Tree EarsTree Ear CoverTree Ear is a collective trio begun in 2013 with guitarist Manuel Troller and multi-reedist Sebastian Strinning. In February of 2016 the group performed and recorded in Altbüron, CH at Bau4. The record is entitled "Witches Butter" and will be released on LP, CD and downloadable formats on November 10, 2017 on Clean Feed Records. You can get a sense of the band's chemistry and breadth of its sonic offerings via this page (which will eventually be replaced by full website) here.

The Long Road - BassDrumBoneIn 2017 the collective trio BassDrumBone celebrates it's 40th Anniversary !!!!!! On November 15, 2016, our new double CD was released on Auricle Records. You can order it here, and at the from this site you have many options for odering the CD including CD Baby, Amazon, Squidco, as well as digitally on iTunes & other sites. The Cd was recorded August 9 & 10 at Acoustic Recordings in NYC, and features 13 pieces. There are 7 trio pieces and three with our guest Jason Moran on piano, and another three with our second guest, Joe Lovano on tenor saxophone.
Jason Moran and Joe Lovano with BassDrumBone

We invited these guests because this is a very special occasion. We have managed to survive 40 years with no departures or changes in our group. In 2017 we are touring and performing in as many places as possible. Now more than ever we can use your help with spreading the word. We are doing everything we can with making ourselves present through every available medium. Primarily - everything can be found on our new website: - as well we have a YouTube Channel and a FaceBook Page, please visit both and again - spread the word !!!!!!!

YouTube Link to BassDrumBone ChannelFacebook Link to BassDrumBone page

Ellery Eskelin Trio Live in WillisauEllery Eskelin Trio Live in Willisau 2015The summer of 2015 ended with three consecutive festival appearances with four different projects. In between performing at Saalfelden and the Groningen ZomerJazzFiets Tour I did a performance with Ellery Eskelin and Gary Versace at the Willisau Festival which has been since released on HatOLOGY in May of 2016. More info on this recording can be had here. I included this formation in my retrospective residency at the Stone, to give us a chance a month before this performance to give a spin on the material we would continue with in Willisau. Here is a piece from that earlier performance at the Stone that does not show up in the repertoire captured on this CD. You can get this CD from me directly as well here.

WKCR Interview with Gerry Hemingway2 days prior to the Stone Residency in July/August 2015. I presented a 5-hour retrospective of my work on WKCR-FM in NYC. I have now made the broadcast available to you on this web site here. Jasper Hussong was the DJ and occassionally interviews me during some of the show. I give a 3 hour overview starting from early recordings in the 1970s and then present 2 hours focused on the various groupings that took part in the Stone presentation. Important to mention is that in the course of this presentation I play numerous unreleased recordings of projects from my extensive historical archive of performances (dating back to the 1970s) that were significant but never published.

On October 27, 2017, an overview of my work was broadcast on WDR3 (from Köln, Germany) in a program produced by Harry Lachner. The program is in German and can be downloaded here.

July 28 to August 2, 2015 - The Stone Residency presented a significant overview of my work on the occasion of my 60th Birthday year (the actual birthday is in March). Below was the line up for this event - if you click on "more info" next to any of the days it will send you to unique page about each event that offers some links to archival material. In February 2016 the documentation of this entire week has been made available on YouTube - click here to enter the entire (chronological) playlist. The documentation was post produced (months of work - 38 separate videos) from several cameras and multitrack audio. I plan to eventually offer an overview documentary of this week but for now you can visit any of the programs and hear and see this event for yourself. Individual links to the works performed from each night are provided below.

Gerry HemingwayTuesday July 28 - Re-Ensemble - duos, trios, quartets and quintets (more info)
Both sets (on YouTube Piece #1, Piece #2, Piece #3, Piece #4, Piece #5, Piece #6)
Anne LeBaron - harp , Earl Howard - electronics, alto & soprano saxophone, Georg Graewe - piano, Susan Alcorn - steel guitar, Gerry Hemingway - drums, mallets

Wednesday July 29 - Improvisations #1 - Trios (more info)
1st Set (on YouTube Piece #1, Piece #2, Piece #3)
Anthony Coleman- piano, Marty Ehrlich - reeds, Gerry Hemingway - drums
2nd set (on YouTube Piece #1)
Sporty Brown Trio revisited - Rudresh Mahanthappa - reeds, Russ Lossing - piano, Gerry Hemingway - drums

Thursday July 30
- Compositions #1 - Songs & “Riptide” Quintet (more info)
1st set (on YouTube Piece #1, Piece #2, Piece #3)
Songs with Lisa Sokolov - voice, Michel Wintsch - piano, Terrence McManus - guitar, Brad Jones - el/ac bass, Ellery Eskelin - tenor, Gerry Hemingway - drums, sampler
2nd set (on YouTube Piece #1, Piece #2, Piece #3, Piece #4)
Gerry Hemingway Quintet - Oscar Noriega - clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, Ellery Eskelin - tenor saxophone, Terrence McManus - guitar, Brad Jones - el/ac bass, Gerry Hemingway - drums, harmonica, sampler
Friday July 31 Improvisations #2 - Brew & Anew (more info)
1st set (on YouTube Piece #1, Piece #2, Piece #3, Piece #4)
Brew - Miya Masaoka - koto, electronics, Reggie Workman - bass, Gerry Hemingway - drums, sampler
2nd set (on YouTube Piece #1, Piece #2, Piece #3)
Anew Quartet - Ned Rothenberg - bass, Michel Wintsch - piano, Mark Helias - bass, Gerry Hemingway - drums
Saturday August 1 Compositions #2 Solo & Quartet (more info)
1st set (on YouTube Piece #1, Piece #2, Piece #3)
Solo Works and Interactive Collaborations with visual artist Beth Warshafsky and composer Sarah Weaver
Gerry Hemingway, drums and sampler, Beth Warshafsky - interactive visual projection
2nd set (on YouTube Piece #1, Piece #2, Piece #3, Piece #4, Piece #5)
Gerry Hemingway Quartet - Herb Robertson - trumpet, Ellery Eskelin - tenor saxophone, Mark Helias - acoustic, electric bass, Gerry Hemingway - drums
Sunday August 2 Relationships in time (more info)
1st set (on YouTube Piece #1)
Trio New York- Ellery Eskelin - tenor, Gary Versace - organ, Gerry Hemingway drums
2nd set (on YouTube Piece #1, Piece #2, Piece #3, Piece #4)
BassDrumBone - Mark Helias-bass, Gerry Hemingway - drums , Ray Anderson - trombone

Table of Changes Marilyn Crispell and Gerry Hemingway

Two pieces of news regarding this long standing duo which began in the early 1990s. In May 2015 will be the release of a new duo recording culled from performances of our 2013 European tour on Intakt recordings this follows are previous recording on Intakt "Affinities". You can see a little from one of the concerts of this duo in YouTube here. On our page from this site you can also see this and may other videos and get a preview of the new CD.

Secondly we performed on the 20th edition of the Vision Festival on July 8, 2015 in NYC. The concert took place in the historic Judson Memorial Church in Washington Square Park, NYC, NY. This recently posted documentation and performance is wonderful, however the piano tuning was a challenge, and a challenge that Marilyn handles with amazing adaptability.

The WHO trio has released a new double CD on Auricle Records in October 2014. The WHO Zoo is the product of two years of rehearsals and recordings of improvised music and offers a disc of both acoustic and "electric" material. The electric material primarily adds Michel's analog synthesis to the instrumenation but some other musical odds and ends also make it into the mix of this recording. The group completed a tour in Japan in February of 2015, which included the initial premiere of their next project for the WHO trio + String Orchestra. There are plans for the trio to tour in Europe and the US for 2016 and 2017.
WHO trio WHO Zoo Inside Cover

It's finally out !!!!!! - Official release date February 18, 2014 - you can purchase direct from Auricle Records (click here)

WHO + 2: Gerry Hemingway's Music for Mixed Quintet - premieres a new extended work "LSD: A Suite in 4 parts"

In the latter half of May 2013 I premiered the long extended work (45 minutes) “LSD: A Suite in Four Parts” at the Schaffhausen festival in Switzerland. On the one hand, during the month of May in this year (2013) I was inspired by the rare presence of the New York guitarist and colleague of mine, Terrence McManus who had a month long residency in Willisau, Switzerland. I wanted to take advantage of having him in the vicinity to be able to rehearse more than I could with my "working" quintet which is based in NY (of which he is also a part). Another aspect that led to some of the choices I made for this project were dependent on where I could produce it, and the timing was such that the Schaffhausen festival was a primary focus for rallying support for this project. This festival is themed on featuring Swiss artists and I had performed on this same festival 12 years before, with a performance of the WHO trio The WHO trio has, since that time, continued evolving as a group. The most recent work has gone deeper and deeper into new terrains (we released a new CD in 2014 entitled "The WHO Zoo"), it made sense that this project should include this trio as it's centerpiece. I also knew I wanted to do a quintet modeled in part after a special "mixed" quintet project I had done in 1995 in NYC, and this included JD Parran on a mixture of wind instruments, Erik Friedlander-cello, Marilyn Crispell-piano and Mark Helias on electric and acoustic bass. Here are a few examples of that earlier project I posted recently on YouTube to help promote this current project. The music of this project was never released as I was unsuccessful in finding an interested producer.

Also on my mind since moving to Switzerland was that I wanted to come up with a project that I could involve the reed virtuoso and now fellow ex-pat Michael Moore in, aand this project provided the perfect opportunity. So all of these elements, eventually titled WHO + 2, Gerry Hemingway's music for Mixed Quintet, were in place before I composed any music, and as well I booked a second performance in Belgrade, Serbia on the same weekend. At first I thought I might revive some of the repertoire of this previous mixed quintet but slowly a process evolved over the course of the months leading up to the performance that led me to compose an extended suite of interconnected works. I knew that I wanted to compose partly out of what has been developing musically with the WHO trio, and so months before the first rehearsal of the quintet I took some sketches to Bänz and Michel that we experimented with so I could also learn what was possible in my thinking. I say that as I had been coming to some new considerations about rhythmic relationships based on experiments I had done in my teaching practice with subdivision. These experiments were in part, a new way of approaching my past fascination with multi-tempo work, mostly done in my quintets where I write works that managed 2 or 3 layers of speed simultaneously. Through the lens of subdivision I saw other possibilities now. I could imagine to train my musicians to be able to hear the beat divided in several ways at once. I will spare you of a more technical lesson, but you can probably imagine that this is not an easy thing to do. To me it is exciting territory as a composer, as it is a language I (and the WHO trio) know well as an improviser, and I am always interested in bringing these two worlds seamlessly together and indeed the results of this compositional and rehearsal process were for me quite compelling.
Convex and ConcaveWhen I compose I am often interacting to some degree with what is present in my life at the time I am writing. An article about the 60th anniversary of Albert Hoffman's discovery of LSD came on the radio during this period, and his story of discovery, and the huge social impact his discovery had on my generation, let alone myself seemed very fitting. One of the things that was very parallel in what LSD provided it’s experiencer and as well this composition explored, was the varying states of perception. The drug LSD gave it's user the experience of looking at the familiar, say for instance a table, and seeing this table transformed into something that no longer conformed to what we previously understood to be a table. What was solid and fixed was now liquid and continually shifting. These experiential qualities were very similar to my musical concerns. You hear at the outset of the piece a conventional hip-hop beat, and it seems at first that everything is aligned in syncopation to that beat, but in fact each player relates to the drum part in a different way and in fact no one listens to the pulse of the drum beat in the way that the listener would assume. What results is that everyone is operating at slightly different speeds and this is how the perceptual idea of time and stasis is altered and developed. What is perhaps very interesting is the state that this creates in the player of this music, as it involved training all of us to focus on elements of time we maybe understood intuitively but now had to master competence at, so it could be played accurately. And this process yields very interesting results to the direction of improvisation, which like the table is constantly changing shape. Another influence was the art (very popular in the time of LSD usage) of the draftsman M.C. Escher. The first section of this suite is named after one of his pieces "Convex and Concave" and you will of course see the comparison to exactly what I am referring to when I say this composition is about perception.
The second section of this work is called "White Lightening" which has several meanings in this context. It came first from the fact that the wonderful country singer George Jones, whom I saw several times, and whose singing I strongly feel is exquisite beyond definition or genre, passed on. So in my own memorial for his departure I listened again to a great deal of his music, and his rockabilly hit "White Lightening" crept directly into my musical materials. It was to some degree ironic as White Lightening was also the name of a very popular form of LSD, even though its original name is for moonshine, home brewed alcohol during the times of prohibition.  My long term plan for this piece is to release a DVD of the whole Schaffhausen performance, but also realize a film weaving imagery with the performance of the piece, the DVD would also include the documentation of the whole Schaffhausen performance as well as the whole Belgrade performance and some some clips from rehearsals and soundchecks.

jazz'n'morejazzpodiumFreiStil CoverThree articles from the summer and fall of 2012 (all in German). The Jazz'N'More article (click here) is culled from three hours of interviews with Jürg Solothurnmann which among other areas of discussion focuses in some detail on the nature and collective process of how the Anthony Braxton Quartet organized it's music. The Jazz Podium Interview with Klaus Hübner (click here) focuses primarily on the quintet which toured in Europe during October and November of 2012, and that as well is the majority of the focus of the article with Markus Stegmayr for the Austria FreiStil magazine (click here) which was distilled from an interview given at the Saalfelden festival of 2012.

I am very active in managing two YouTube playlists. On the selected video playlist your will find videos I posted and/or someone else posted that I am involved in that I consider to be worth watching. The 2nd playlist is the complete Stone residency of 2015 which is 39 seperate videos I post produced from several cameras and a multitrack recording.

On the left is an ongoing work for solo cymbal that I produced for video now available on You Tube HD. On the right an excerpted solo from a live performance with the Samuel Blaser Quartet in Vienna.

My collaborative work with video artist Beth Warshafsky has had many updates and additions to her her page on Vimeo:

On the left is a recent performance at the Kleintheater in Luzern from a suite of solo performance works called "Behaviors". This section is called "For Rashied" dedicated to Rashied Ali. The visuals are Beth Warshafsky's. On the right is another section of this suite from an earlier performance from the 2011 Guelph Jazz Festival & Nuit Blanche. The visuals are a first attempt at live interactive visuals by Beth Warshafsky using MaxJitter. (2011 -2012)

benoir fred 1benoitJJMarkBenoitHerschGroup
In early May of 2012 I participated in a very unique grouping of musicians which was the brainchild of Fred Hersch and Benoît Delbecq; a double piano trio. Fred Hersch & Benoit Delbecq-pianos, Jean-Jacques Avenel & Mark Helias - basses, Steve Arguelles and myself on drums with Steve also using his unique live sampling system. The tour included performances in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris and the Le Mans festival. It also included a recording session in Paris for an eventual release on Songlines Records. Benoît wrote the music that was performed and recorded in a suite like form. We will all miss Jean-Jacques Avenel who departed the planet in August of 2014. Here is a short promotional clip about the CD that was released on Songlines records, its called "Fun House".

BraxtonProjectCrispellHemingwayDresser Session

On June 19th, 2012 Tzadik released the long awaited recording of Marilyn Crispell, Mark Dresser and myself performing compositions of Anthony Braxton. Marilyn, Mark Dresser and I convened at Tedesco's studio in Teaneck, NJ in April 2011 to record a CD for Tzadik records of Anthony Braxton's music. The idea for this production emanated from a reunion we had on the occasion of Anthony Braxton's 65th birthday which was celebrated in the form of a fundraising for the Tri-Axium foundation at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC in 2010 (read more and hear the concert recorded by NPR here). John Zorn was there whom I also performed with in a quartet with Dave Douglas and Brad Jones, and the following day when Dresser and Zorn met by chance in the East Village, the idea for this production was discussed. I produced the recording.

Christy Doran Heiri Kaenzig Gerry Hemingway

Three New Trios !!! I am involved in many new projects including these three new trio configurations which are the direct result of my moving to Switzerland. On the left is a trio with pianist Christine Wodrascka and trumpeter Jean-Luc Capozzo, In the middle is "A Turn in the Road" with guitarist Christy Doran and bassist Heiri Känzig and on the right a trio initiated by pianist Chris Weisendanger with guitarist Frank Möbus.

DRS2 LogoInterview by Beat Blaser from June of 2011 for DRS 2 Jazz Actuel Series. Broadcast on August 9, 2011. Available here as a podcast. In German & English.

Riptide Cvr"Riptide" the newest release of my quintet with Oscar Noriega, Ellery Eskelin, Terrence McManus and Kermit Driscoll was released on July 6, 2011 on Clean Feed Records. Here is the press release for this recording which opens a whole new chapter of this ongoing platform for my composition (see quintet page for additional details). We toured in Europe in the fall of 2012.

This new quintet has evolved from my long standing compositional platform that began in 1985 with the recording of "Outerbridge Crossing" and has enjoyed numerous incarnations while retaining its penchant for an integrative compositional/improvisational ensemble approach. What that adds up to is a compositional practice that has refined a way to frame the individual member's unique sonic, interpretive and improvisational vocabulary with pieces that are detailed, structured and rich with content. The character of the music is multi-faceted, from coloristic subtlety to visceral intensity, sometimes the groove is deep and other times the rhythmic interplay is elaborate and mischievous. The group mixes well established players with some of the most exciting emerging talent of the New York scene including multi-reedist Oscar Noriega, guitarist Terrence McManus who join Hemingway's long time associates, Ellery Eskelin on tenor saxophone and Kermit Driscoll on both acoustic bass and electric bass guitar. The material from this CD mixes new settings of two previously recorded quintet works with seven new works. For those unfamiliar with the legacy of my quintet work, now spanning twenty-six years, "Riptide" will serve as a wonderful introduction, and for those who have followed his past work will be more than delighted with this new quintet setting. With intelligent and insightful notes by writer Brian Morton and meticulously produced by Hemingway this richly detailed recording is a must-have CD to any collector of today's creative music.

Excerpts of the CD can be heard here Unfortunately this CD is out of print.


Downbeat CoverDownbeat Magazine's July 2011 Issue offered a feature article on my music by Ted Panken (read article here). The article manages to cover a lot of ground on my current work, which those of you familiar with this site know is no small task. I have Downbeat to thank for offering me wisdom as a teenager about musics I knew little about. Thanks to reading an issue back in the early seventies I discovered the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Nessa records and a way to get the records I was growing increasingly curious about. Perhaps this article will do the same for others out there who are only beginning to discover the wide world of music we live in.


In May 2011 Intakt Records released the duo recording with Marilyn Crispell entitled Affinities. This recording was derived from two sources, a performance in Baltimore in March of 2009 which I recorded, and also a performance in October of 2010 in Tel Aviv, Israel which was recorded by Assif Tshar at Levontin 7. I produced the recording from these two multitracks which both include my performance on both vibraphone and drums. As has been my practice as a producer of late, a great deal of time was spent perfecting the sound of each recording to enable us a wonderful audio listening experience, so a richly detailed experience is to be enjoyed.


The Other Parade CoverNot enough can be said about the celebration of BassDrumBone's 30th Anniversary (now in it's 36th year). Our first concert happened at the Educational Center for the Arts, in New Haven, CT, in the early fall of 1977. A chemistry was evident to all of us from the start, but none of us could have predicted that our music could evolve and sustain a musical partnership that remains as vital now as it was from the start. BassDrumBone is a 1977 grantee of Chamber Music America's "New Work's" program. Nine new works (3 by each of us) were created reflective of our thirty year collaboration. The works were premiered at the "Sculptured Sounds" festival in February of 2007 and also at the "Discover Jazz" festival of Burlington, VT. In the fall of 2007 there was an article for the Europe based ARTe TV about the trio featuring recent interviews and performances as well as some vintage footage. Some clips from this can be found on TouTube. Keep your eye on the Tours page for announcements of upcoming BDB performances in the fall of 2011 and the spring of 2012. Our studio recording in August 2009, capturing all of the material we developed via the CMA grant, is now released on Clean Feed Records and is entitled "The Other Parade". It was mixed and produced by Mark Helias and recorded at Acoustic Music in Brooklyn, which is also where the previous recording by BassDrumBone was made, "The Line Up". Samples of both releases can be found on this site's mp3s page.

The quartet Of Sylvie Courvosier, Mark Feldman Thomas Morgan and myself has been having a lot of activity in 2010 - 2011 including two recordings for Intact Records and a number of tours and appearances in Europe and NYC. I recommend both recordings highly, both recorded with great care and loving fidelity at Sear Sound in NYC and reflect the sonic detail and nuance that permeates this group's musical interaction.

Auricle Records released three new duo cds in limited editions in the summer of 2010, they are available from me directly and I will try to have them available at concerts. There are two duos recorded in the summer of 2008, one with guitarist Terrence McManus and the other with tenor saxophonist Ellery Eskelin. The third duo was recorded almost exactly one year later with Korean Komungo player Jin Hi Kim, please see the Auricle page for details on ordering these cds.


pictures from the (2008) recording sessions:

On the left with Ellery Eskelin and the right with Terrence McManus. You can find two YouTube videos of the duo with Ellery in 2008 (Part One, Part Two). Terry & I have also posted some video earliar in 2008 from a performance at RUCMA (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four). Terrence has also posted a web page regarding our duo and also many more video clips which are accessible from it.... click here. Terrence has also secured the release of a trio recording with Mark Helias on No Business Records from Lithuania. Check Terrence's site for details.

Old DogsAvant (Mode) records released "Old Dogs (2007)", the 4 cd set of myself and Anthony Braxton in duo. The release date coincided with the June 18th (2010) 65th Birthday benefit concert for the Tri-Axium Foundation, that happened at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. Notes for the CD were written by Graham Lock who you may remember was the author of "Forces in Motion" which captured many elements of the Quartet on the road in England in 1985. We recorded the material in the summer of 2007 in four one hour long sessions recorded at Wesleyan University. Jon Rosenberg was the engineer. Anthony played his entire family of saxophones, sans the tenor, no clarinets this time, and I had marimba, vibes, steel drum, electronics and of course trap set for my pallette. Each hour, for me, retained a definitive character at the same time as exploring an extremely wide range of material. Other than a short encore at Ulrichsberg I have not played with Anthony since the final performance of the quartet in early 1994. I can not convey what a connection I experienced in this reunion. There is a sense of mutual understanding that runs very deep in these explorations, informed both by the many years spent together on the road and from where are paths have led us since that time. I am very grateful that this occured. Mark Corroto review in AAJ.

Additional recent 2009 Auricle & Clean Feed releases available from this site
AUR7AUR8CleanFeed Mauger

"Buffalo Pearl" is culled from a performance in April 2005 with myself and John Butcher and marks the 7th release on my own Auricle Record label (AUR-7) which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary. John and I worked collaboratively on the multi-tracked mixing and editing to put this together and simultaneously we have organized a second recording taken from two nights earliar at Roulette in NYC. Each performance retains a different character, perhaps in part as the Buffalo performance was a new electronic setup for me, or perhaps it was the club atmosphere, whichever this performance has a lot of material that favors higher, faster energy.

"kinetics" is the third release of Tom & Gerry (also on Auricle records, AUR-8), the other ongoing duo of myself and Thomas Lehn. These performances come from Ulrichsberg, Austria; Köln, Germany and the Densités festival in Fresnes-en-Woëvre, France. Thomas recorded these performances multitrack with his excellent equipment and so the quality of the recording is very high. Additionally we also worked collaboratively mixing and editing these recordings, a process that takes months and engages us in a very detailed discussion of converting these performances into an audio experience. The result, in this case, has produced a recording that for the first 45 minutes is primarily very quiet and delicate. The listening experience is rich in detail, sounding fantastic on very good headphones or turned up loud on a quality sound system. The final 15 minutes, assuming you dont turn it down, is one of the more explosive, earth moving and viscerally intense expositions of extremely dense and rhythmically intense material we have offered so far in recordings. I particularly find this performance to maintain an exceptional state of tension, both in the quiet and loud sections. Not for the casual listener!! Thomas and I are almost done with a second cd that will come from four different performance venues in the US.

Mauger is a collective trio with Rudresh Mahanthappa, Mark Dresser & myself that began over three years ago. This studio recording was done in December of 2006. All three of us contributed compositions and as well some collective inventions are included. The group gets its name from a letter scramble of the first two letters of each of our names and is a preposition defined, "in opposition to, notwithstanding" which seems appropiate to creating art in our time. I like that we found this word and by alchemy brought it to new life from its more prevalent use in Shakesperean times.


Visiting TankMy collaboration with video artist Beth Warshafsky has been expanding. Beth recently put the final touches on a video film setting of an earlier work of mine called "The Visiting Tank". The original work, which appears on the Tzadik release Chamber Works(1999) was performed in 2010 in Luzern and for this performance the video was shown in combination with the live performance of that piece. Since then the piece has gone through numerous reworkings and is available to It will be a page we jointly develop. Meanwhile I highly encourage you to visit her web site B-Sky which has some samples of our work.

A Long WayI am partcularly excited by a new collective project I have initiated that premiered at the Stone on June 12th, 2010 with pedal steel player, Susan Alcorn and cellist Hank Roberts.It sources the lyric, sentiment and texture of rural old time music as a starting point for improvisational dialogue. Keep an eye on this page for more details on the continuation and development of this unique project.

evangerrymarkIn October the occassion to return to the US for a weekend of performing was first set in motion with an invitation from Evan Parker to perform in trio with Mark Dresser at the Stone as part of a two week Evan fest that NY enjoyed for the beginning of October. We were joined on the second set by Herb Robertson and the whole concert was recorded by WKCR for future broadcast. I haven't heard the recording but the evening was an exceptional musical experience, that follows only one other occassion where we had played as a trio in the Knitting Factory many years ago. The weekend also included a performance by Mauger with Rudresh Mahanthappa and Mark up in my home town of New Haven, CT.


Its back!!! Songs, the 2002 release on between the lines out of print for almost 7 years !!

US re-release date October, 2009, European re-release date: September 2009 - its available from me directly via this site: check here:

Songs Cover


Gerry Hemingway

Lisa Sokolov-voice
James Emery-guitars
Kermit Driscoll-ac/el bass
Gerry Hemingway-drums, sampler, voice
John Butcher-tenor sax
Ellery Eskelin-tenor sax
Thomas Lehn-analogue synthesizer
Herb Robertson-trumpets
Wolter Wierbos-trombone

1. Succotash 6:25
2. Anton 5:01
3. In Your Arms 7:04
4. Up in You 5:31
5. Hall of Mirrors 7:57
6. Cheap 4:46
7. Out of the Trees 7:02
8. Thump It 6:41
9. Going Down 6:32
10. Rain 5:30
11. Emperor 6:02
12. Time to Go 8:21

Total Time 76:55

All Music & Lyric by Gerry Hemingway
Original Release 2002
, its been out of print for 5-6 years

"A rich, atmospheric disc, with an intelligent approach to the shape, exuberant in the interplay and splendidly played.

Top Rating *****

Paolo Curtabbi (All About Jazz- Italy)

"I won't give up so easy, the search for answers that might lead to a cure
A way to heal the wounds, and get back to what's natural and pure
A need to raise up, not freeze up, just ease up, the reason for consequence
Without wizards or witches or hucksters polluting our own common sense

from "Out of the Trees"


re-release date was May 15th, 2009 now in stock and available here:

Demon Chaser Cover

hatOLOGY 673
Gerry Hemingway Quintet : Demon Chaser
(remastered reissue of hatART 6137)
Michael Moore –alto saxophone, clarinet & bass clarinet
Wolter Wierbos –trombone
Mark Dresser –double bass
Ernst Reijseger –cello
Gerry Hemingway –drums, steeldrums

A live concert recording at Ottenbrucher Bahnhof, Wuppertal-Elberfeld on March 2nd, 1993.
With Demon Chaser, Gerry Hemingway has written himself into the history of this great music with a script that fulfills both the requirements of complete contemporaneousness and absolute legibility. He has signed his name in the Big Book. – from liner notes of Brian Morton


Mauger in VenicePhoto Credit: Pat Ferro

Mauger, a collective trio with Rudresh Mahanthappa and Mark Dresser enjoyed a fantastic March 2009 tour of Europe (picture from a performance in Venice at Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, March 23....). This was followed by a wonderful West Coast tour in February of 2010, including performances in San Diego, Irvine, Davis as well as Takoma, WA. Check Tours & Performances for updates on our next appearances including a tour in Europe in the fall of 2011.

luzernPerhaps the most significant news I have to share with you is that in the Fall of 2009 I started a new teaching position at the Hochshule Luzern in Switzerland. I am teaching composition, improvisation, drums, ensemble and maybe eventually some history as well. I now live in Luzern, Switzerland. With regret I left my five years of teaching at the New School Jazz and Contemporary Music division where I have been teaching two history lecture classes (World Music and Contemporary Jazz) as well as running the Sound in Time ensemble and teaching composition.

I recently posted some recent in depth interviews from 2008 and 2009, including a radio interview on Taran's Free Jazz Hour out of Paris (listen here), the first for El Intruso with Sergio Picirilli (in English) and also an interview with Rogelio Peirera Conde for Oro Molido which will be published in hard copy in January 2009, you can find here (in English). There is also a 2011 interview with Barry Davis of the Jerusalem Post.

On the lighter side for those of you who are aware of my interest in rural traditional music's of the Americas I did radio show with Kurt Gottshalk on WFMU, which you can listen to any time by visiting this link which is the playlist of the whole show. From there you can easily navigate to the audio of the show, as you will see from the playlist I start about a little over an hour into the show, my section lasts about one and half hours.

jinandgerryJHKandGHIn addition to the release of the 2009 recording of my duo with composer/komungoist Jin Hi Kim, we have been active with performances throughout the world including several recent performances in Jakarta, Indonesia - here is a preview in the Jakarta Post. performed earliar in the spring of 2009 at the Detroit museum (from where this picture comes from). We also returned to Korea in November of 2008 for two duo performances in Seoul. You can now see excerpts of a performance of Jin Hi Kim's "Sanjo Ecstasy" performed in Jeunju City, Korea in 2003 ("UnKnot" "Sanjo Ecstacy"). The group included a number of outstanding Korean Traditional musicians including the extraordinary Haegum player Kang Eunil and Kayagum master Ji Aeri. More recently there is also a clip of our duo from a performance in Vigo, Spain at the Museo do Mar from the summer of 2008 (Digital Buddha excerpt).

Puhjola TrioButcher Hemiongway Raahe

Anders Jormin/Verneri Pohjola/Gerry Hemingway & GH/John Butcher in Raahe, Finland July 26, 2008

In the summer of 2008 I performed at the Raahe festival in Finland (July '08), where I also recorded and performed with Swedish bassist Anders Jormin and Finnish trumpeter Verneri Pohjola. The recording done in a lovely, soon to be lost, vintage movie theater was for TUM records, and in the same building I performed in duo with John Butcher in our first performance together since 2005.

rouettetvEarlIn September (08) a performance with Earl Howard and Anthony Davis was recorded for Roulette TV on September 28th. It is finally posted for viewing at Roulette's website []. There is a long list of recent performances on the TV page and you need to scroll down to next to the bottom of that list to find the performance. The piece features Earl's exceptional live sampling work, and his unique compositional way of utilizing the resources of extended vocabulary and transitional timbre structures.

I am delighted to report the release of "Clepton" on New World Records which occured in December (07). This project which is directed and primarily composed by synthesist Earl Howard features the title work which was refined and developed in the Sudwestfunk studios in the fall of 2006 and was in collaboration with the GRH trio (Georg Graewe, Ernst Reijseger, and myself). It combines Earl's synthesis and live sampling with pre-determined textures and improvisations in various orchestrations of the trio and Earl. Also included is a collectively improvised work and I am very happy to see included a duo with me and Earl that I recorded in 1987 in Rochester, NY called "Rosebud". On this work Earl is playing his first sample set up, the AKAI S-900 which was a classic sampler of the time. The work contains one of the most wonderful electro-acoustic crescendo's that I have ever heard or played.

You can find it in "How to get Recordings" or Auricle Records page on this site.

Ashley SessionToward the end of February (08) I participated in a recording for Mode Records of an older work of Bob Ashley called Trio III. The recording features the violinist Conrad Harris and will include a number of early works by some of the well known rebel composers of the 1960s including Alvin Lucier and Alvin Curran. Trio III is a piece featuring violin and text regarding the history of the violin accompanied by two other instruments in this case myself and pianist Blue Gene Tyranny. The recording session was also taped in Surround Sound and video taped for DVD release at Systems 2 in Brooklyn.

CMIF poolI have also begun what I expect will at least be about a multi-year project in interviewing the musicians who were involved in the very vital music scene of New Haven, Connecticut in the 1970's. I am eventually interviewing everyone I can find who is still alive about their impressions of what for me was a catalytic period of activity; a crossroads where I and many others began many musical relationships that remain active to this day. I am interested in hearing from anyone who I have lost touch with who was active in the New Haven musical scene in the 1970's or who knows someone who was involved at that time. I am doing my interviews both in video and audio anticipating that the culmination of this project may be in more than one format. I have for some time felt strongly that what occured in New Haven in this period was historically significant and deserving a more complete investigation and documentation.

SwimThis CoverThere is another collaborative project initiated by reedist Michael Lytle (bass/contrabass clarinet) along with Nick Didkovsky (guitar and digital processing), and myself on drums with a little processing as well. It was performed at Experimental Intermedia in NYC in mid March of 06 and we succeeded in making a very nice multitrack recording of the concert which Nick has distilled into an excellent cd. It is about to be released in two formats, as limited release CD available from this site and also as a download (more info and links for this will available shortly on "Getting Recordings" page. It is called "Swim This" and its cover art is a collaboration between myself and my son Jordan Hemingway, who is rapidly becoming a very talented photographer.

Continuum CD CoverThe GRH (Graewe/Reijseger/Hemingway) trio's recording for Winter and Winter was released in the spring of 2006. We toured in the fall of 2009 (our twentieth anniversary!!!) I can not recommend it enough. We had an opportunity to create this CD under ideal circumstances, a room with superb acoustics, completely silent) with a great piano, super marimba and percussion equipment (it is the rehearsal room for the Munich Opera). The technical part of the recording was equally ideal with Adrian von Ripka at the helm and Stefan Winter as our producer. We recorded three hours of music and this CD is the distillation of that effort. You will not be dissappointed. As always with Winter & Winter productions it is beautifully packaged. The trio touried briefly in the fall of 06 with performances in the UK and the aforementioned project for the SWF radio with composer/electronic musician Earl Howard.

If you have not already checked out Graewe/Reijseger/Hemingway 10th anniversary tour release, "Counterfactuals" on Nuscope Recordings I highly recommend you do. For more info see the page devoted to the trio (GRH Trio).

WhimblerDouble Blues Crossing CoverThere are a number of interesting articles about the two 2005 quartet and quintet releases in AllAboutJazz. There are two related articles by Kurt Gottschalk who did a feature article in April 2005 which is available online (check it out), he also reviewed this recording and the new quartet recording (recent review AAJ-NYC). There was a flurry of touring, cd releases and performances in the spring of 2005. My quintet with guests, Peggy Lee on cello and Mark Helias on bass as well as Frank Gratkowski and Wolter Wierbos performed at the 20th Vancouver Jazz Festival in June (2005). In Europe the new quintet cd entitled "Double Blues Crossing" on Between the Lines, was released in the beginning of May, it is distributed by Allegro in the States starting late this summer. My quartet had a successful two and half week tour in Europe in May with many performances in Paris, as well as appearing on the Ulrichsberg Kaleidophon. "The Whimbler" was released mid-May 2005 on Clean Feed Records from Portugal (see below for more details - hear some excerpts).

TubworksA CDR release of my solo recording of 1988, "Tubworks" is now available from this site. The LP has long been out of print, and the label that released it (Sound Aspects) has all but disappeared (anyone of news of the label or its producer Pedro de Freitas please contact me).

Sideband PerformanceMy second orchestral work,"Sideband", a Concerto for Three Improvisors and Orchestra was given it's world premiere at Cal Arts on March 8th of 2003. Anne LeBaron and David Rosenboom joined me as the concerto soloists along with the Cal Arts New Millenium Ochestra under the baton of Marc Lowenstein. This piece was created with funding from the Paul Simon Guggenheim Foundation. I am hunting for future opportunities to perform this work and will keep you posted.

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