Gerry Hemingway - Complete Discography

last updated May 7, 2023


Recordings of Compositions as Leader:

Afterlife    Gerry Hemingway                                                                                                           AURICLE 19 (22)
         songs created, produced  sung by Gerry Hemingway w/ guest appearances by Michael Moore,
	Manuel Troller, Florestan Berset, Ralph Alessi, Sebastian Strinning, Bänz Oester, Wolfgang Zwiauer a.o.
kernelings    Gerry Hemingway                                                                                                    AURICLE 12+13 (14)
         solo recording + a dvd of sound and image work
Riptide    Gerry Hemingway Quintet                                                                                           CLEAN FEED 227 (11)
         w/Ellery Eskelin, Oscar Noriega, Terrence McManus, Kermit Driscoll
The Whimbler    Gerry Hemingway Quartet                                                                             CLEAN FEED 032 (05)
         w/Ellery Eskelin, Herb Robertson, Mark Helias
Double Blues Crossing    Gerry Hemingway Quintet                                              BETWEEN THE LINES 038 (05)
         w/Frank Gratkowski, Wolter Wierbos, Amit Sen, Kermit Driscoll
Devils Paradise    Gerry Hemingway Quartet                                                                        CLEAN FEED 0010 (03)
         w/Ellery Eskelin, Ray Anderson, Mark Dresser
Songs    Gerry Hemingway                                                                                           BETWEEN THE LINES 024 (02)
         w/Lisa Sokolov, James Emery, Kermit Driscoll, Herb Robertson, Ellery Eskelin, Wolter Wierbos,
         John Butcher, Thomas Lehn
Chamber Works    Gerry Hemingway Ensemble                                                  TZADIK RECORDS TZ 7052 (99)
         w/Sara Parkins, Joshua Gordon, Liuh-Wen Ting, Min-Young Kim, Marty Ehrlich, David Taylor, a.o.
Waltzes, Two-Steps & other Matters of the Heart    Gerry Hemingway Quintet                      GM 3043 CD (99)
         w/Michael Moore, Wolter Wierbos, Ernst Reijseger, Mark Dresser
Johnny's Corner Song        Gerry Hemingway Quartet                                         AURICLE RECORDS AUR-4 (98)
          w/ Robin Eubanks, Ellery Eskelin, Mark Dresser
Perfect World    Gerry Hemingway Quintet                                                        RANDOM ACOUSTICS RA019 (96)
         w/Michael Moore, Wolter Wierbos, Ernst Reijseger, Mark Dresser
Acoustic Solo Works  (1983-94)                                                                         RANDOM ACOUSTICS RA 016 (96)
         Gerry Hemingway
Electro-Acoustic Solo Works  (1984-95)                                                          RANDOM ACOUSTICS RA 017 (96)
         Gerry Hemingway
The Marmalade King     Gerry Hemingway Quintet                                                               HAT ART CD 6164 (95)
         w/Michael Moore, Wolter Wierbos, Ernst Reijseger, Mark Dresser
Slamadam   Gerry Hemingway Quintet                                                              RANDOM ACOUSTICS RA012 (95)
         w/Michael Moore, Wolter Wierbos, Ernst Reijseger, Mark Dresser
Demon Chaser   Gerry Hemingway Quintet                                                                           HAT ART CD 6137 (93)
         w/Michael Moore, Wolter Wierbos, Ernst Reijseger, Mark Dresser
Down to the Wire   Gerry Hemingway Quartet                                                                      HAT ART CD 6121 (93)
         w/Michael Moore, Wolter Wierbos, Mark Dresser
Special Detail   Gerry Hemingway Quintet                                                                             HAT ART CD 6084 (91)
         w/Don Byron, Ernst Reijseger, Wolter Wierbos, Ed Schuller
Tubworks   Gerry Hemingway                                                                                           SOUND ASPECTS 022 (88)
         solo works
Outerbridge Crossing   Gerry Hemingway Quintet                                                       SOUND ASPECTS 017 (87)
         w/Ray Anderson, David Mott, Ernst Reijseger, Mark Helias
Solo Works   Gerry Hemingway                                                                                AURICLE RECORDS AUR-3 (82)
         solo acoustic percussion and "The Dawntreader" for tape
Kwambe   Gerry Hemingway                                                                                      AURICLE RECORDS AUR-1 (79)
         w/Anthony Davis, Jay Hoggard, Ray Anderson. George Lewis, Mark Helias, Wes Brown

Collaborative Projects that Include his Compositions,
or Collaborative Works:

Heat + Between Reflections BREW                                                           CLEAN FEED RECORDS (2CD) CH359CD (23)
       w/Miya Masaoka, Reggie Workman 
KAIROS     Izumi Kimura & Gerry Hemingway FUNDACJA SLUCHAJ FSR 07 (23) w/Izumi Kimura
Dinner Music    Erb/Mayas/Hemingway                                                          VETO RECORDS 018 (Cassette only) (21) w/Christoph Erb, Magda Mayas
Bathing Music VETO RECORDS 019 (LP only) (22) w/Christoph Erb, Magda Mayas
MingBauSet     MingBauSet FUNDACJA SLUCHAJ FSR 14 (21) w/Vera Baumann & Florestan Berset
Dinner Music    Erb/Mayas/Hemingway                                                          VETO RECORDS 018 (Cassette only) (21) w/Christoph Erb, Magda Mayas
Twice    Russ Lossing & Gerry Hemingway                                                   AQUA PIAZZA RECORDS 003 (21) duo w/Russ Lossing
strell    WHO trio                                                                                   CLEAN FEED CF553CD (20) WHO trio w/Michel Wintsch, Baenz Oester
Composition O  Vincent Glanzmann & Gerry Hemingway            FUNDACJA SLUCHAJ FSR 03 (20) w/ Vincent Glanzmann
13 Asperities  Trokaan Project            TROKAAN PRESS 006 (20) w/ Liz Albee, Richard Barrett, Frank Gratkowski, Gabriele Guenther, Wilbert de Joode, Achim Kaufmann, Kazuhisa Uchihaski
rumrum  Peter Schärli             ENJA - 9780 (20) w/ Peter Schärli and many other drummers in duo (Fredy Studer, Julian Sartorius a.o.)
Slips  Hemingway, Philips & Moore            RAMBOY #36 (19) w/ Barre Phillips, Michael Moore
Kammern I - V  Graewe Reijseger Hemingway                                 AURICLE RECORDS AUR 18 (19) w/ Georg Graewe, Ernst Reijseger
Concertgebouw Brugge 2014  Graewe Reijseger Hemingway                          FUNDACJA SLCHAJ FSR 15 (19) w/Georg Graewe, Ernst Reijseger
Reality Axis  music for Solo Percussion                                                             SYNC SOURCE SS111 (18) Sarah Weaver-composer, Gerry Hemingway - drums
Luminous                                                                                        NOBUSINESS RECORDS CD (18) w/Simon Nabatov & Barry Guy
Heueristics  EXODOS                                                                                     LEO RECORDS LR 832 (18) w/Guy Bettini - trumpets, Fabio Martini - reeds, Luca Sisera - bass
FronTToN Drives Me Crazy                                                                                    UNIT RECORDS 881 (18) w/Dominik Dolega - percussion, Pelayo F. Arrizabalaga - turntables, Yosvany Quintero - reeds
Oostum                                                                                        NOBUSINESS RECORDS NBLP 112 (18) duo with Samuel Blaser
Witches Butter Tree Ear CLEAN FEED 438 LP (18) w/Sebastian Strinning and Manuel Troller
The Long Road BassDrumBone                                                                             AURICLE 16 + 17 (16) w/Mark Helias and Ray Anderson
Willisau Live  Ellery Eskelin Trio   HatOLOGY 741 (16) w/Ellery Eskelin, Gary Versace
Zurich Concerts  15 Years of the Contrabass Duo Studer-Frey  LEO RECORDS 750/751 (16) w/Peter K Frey and Daniel Studer
Table of Changes                                                                                        INTAKT 246 (15) duo w/Mariyn Crispell
Literal Lateral                                                                                        SUDDENLY LISTEN (15) quartet w/Norman Adams-vc, Tim Crofts-pn, Lukas Pearse - bs
Live at the Bimhuis                                                                                        TRYTONE TT559-058 (14) trio w/Oguz Büyükberger-clarinets, Simon Nabatov-pn
The WHO Zoo                                                                                        AURICLE 14 + 15 (14) WHO trio w/Michel Wintsch, Baenz Oester
Fourth Landscape                                                                                        NUSCOPE 1027 (13) trio w/Benoît Delbecq, Samuel Blaser
2º Étage                                                                                        NO BUSINESS NBCD 63 (13) trio w/Christine Wodrascka, Jean-Luc Capozza
Code Re(a)d  HOP 48 (13) trio w/Assif Tshar, Mark Dresser
There's Nothing Better To Do                                                                       OUTNOW RECORDINGS ONR007 (13) duo w/Albert Berger
Affinities INTAKT 177 (11) duo w/Mariyn Crispell
The Other Parade   BassDrumBone                                                                        CLEAN FEED 223 (11) w/Ray Anderson, Mark Helias
Hotel du Nord   Sylvie Courvosier/Mark Feldman Quartet                                     INTAKT 192 (11) w/Sylvie Courvosier, Mark Feldman, Thomas Morgan
Transcendental Numbers                                                                                          NO BUSINESS NBCD 27 (11) w/Terrence McManus, Mark Helias
Inbetween Spaces                                                                                           AURICLE RECORDS AUR-11 (11) duos w/Ellery Eskelin
Pulses AURICLE RECORDS AUR-10 (11) duo w/Jin Hi Kim
Below the Surface of                                                                                          AURICLE RECORDS AUR-09 (11) duo w/Terrence McManus
Old Dogs (2007) MODE/AVANT 9/12 (10) duo w/ Anthony Braxton
To Fly to Steal   Sylvie Courvosier/Mark Feldman Quartet                                    INTAKT 168 (10) w/Sylvie Courvosier, Mark Feldman, Thomas Morgan
Statements SEN CD (09) w/Reggie Workman, Igor Bezget. Lenart Kricic Yayoi Ikawa
Less is More   WHO trio CLEAN FEED 135 (08) w/Michel Wintsch, Baenz Oester
The Beautiful Enabler    Mauger Trio CLEAN FEED 114 (08) w/Rudresh Mahathappa, Mark Dresser, Gerry Hemingway
kinetics   Tom & Gerry                                                                            AURICLE RECORDS AUR-8 (08) w/Thomas Lehn
Buffalo Pearl   John Butcher & Gerry Hemingway                                AURICLE RECORDS AUR-7 (08) w/John Butcher
Unsquare   Maybe Monday & Guests                                                                       INTAKT CD 132 (08) w/Fred Frith, Miya Masaoka, Larry Ochs, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, Carla Kihlstedt
Clepton    Earl Howard and GRH Trio                                              NEW WORLD RECORDS 80670 (07) w/Georg Graewe, Ernst Reijseger, Earl Howard
Swim This    Didkovsky/Hemingway/Lytle                                                           PUNOS MUSIC 006 (06) w/Nick Didkovsky, Michael Lytle
Continuum    GRH Trio                                                                        WINTER & WINTER 910 118-2 (06) w/Georg Graewe, Ernst Reijseger
The Line Up    BassDrumBone                                                                               CLEAN FEED 065 (06) w/Ray Anderson, Mark Helias
Loft Project  Frank Gratkowski Double Quartet                                                        LEO RECORDS (04) w/ Herb Robertson, Wolter Wierbos, Dieter Mandershied, Toby Delius, Wilber De Joode, Michael Vatcher
The Current Underneath     WHO Trio                                                                LEO RECORDS 391 (04) w/Michel Wintsch, Baenz Oester
March of Dimes    BassDrumBone                                                                  DATA RECORDS 020 (02) w/Ray Anderson, Mark Helias
Open Songs     WHO Trio                                                                      ALTRISUONI RECORDS 108 (02) w/Michel Wintsch, Baenz Oester
Fire Works    Gerry Hemingway & Thomas Lehn                             UMBRELLA RECORDINGS 028 (01) w/Thomas Lehn
Shooters & Bowlers    Gerry Hemingway & John Butcher                          RED TOUCAN RT 9318 (01) w/John Butcher
Reunion    David Mott, Mark Dresser &Gerry Hemingway                              INTREPID EAR  IE 002 (01) w/David Mott, Mark Dresser
Counterfactuals   Georg Graewe, Ernst Rejseger, Gerry Hemingway  NU SCOPE RECORDS 1010(01) w/Georg Graewe, Ernst Rejseger
Tom & Gerry    Thomas Lehn & Gerry Hemingway                       ERSTWHILE RECORDS 004-2CD (99) w/Thomas Lehn
Identity    WHO Trio                       LEO RECORDS 282 (99) w/Michel Wintsch, Baenz Oester
Cooked to Perfection        BassDrumBone                                             AURICLE RECORDS AUR-5 (99)  w/ Ray Anderson, Mark Helias
Divine Doorways        Andrea Goodman & Gerry Hemingway         RUBY THROATED RECORDS  (98)  duo w/ Andrea Goodman
The Flume Factor        Frank Gratkowski Trio                                   RANDOM ACOUSTICS RA020  (98)  w/ Frank Gratkowski, Dieter Manderscheid
Hence the Reason        BassDrumBone                                                                 ENJA RECORDS  (97)  w/ Ray Anderson, Mark Helias
Thirteen Ways   Hersch/Moore/Hemingway                                      GM RECORDINGS GM3033CD (97) w/ Fred Hersch, Michael Moore
Saturn Cycle    Graewe/Reijseger/Hemingway                                           MUSIC & ARTS CD-958 (96) w/Georg Graewe, Ernst Reijseger
Gestalten    Frank Gratkowski Trio                                                                JAZZ HAUS MUSIK 83 (96) w/Frank Gratkowski, Dieter Manderscheid
Cascades    Crispell/Guy/Hemingway                                                        MUSIC & ARTS CD-853 (95) w/Marilyn Crispell, Barry Guy
Flex 27   Graewe/Reijseger/Hemingway                                           RANDOM ACOUSTICS RA007 (95) w/Georg Graewe, Ernst Reijseger
               Wintsch/Schütz/Hemingway                                                              UNIT RECORDS UTR 4071 CD (94) w/Michel Wintsch, Martin Schütz
The View From Points West    Graewe/Reijseger/Hemingway                           MUSIC & ARTS CD (94)      w/Georg Graewe, Ernst Reijseger
Zwei Naechte in Berlin  Graewe/Reijseger/Hemingway                          SOUND ASPECTS SAS49 (94) w/Georg Graewe, Ernst Reijseger
Tambastics                                                                                                   MUSIC & ARTS CD-704 (92) w/Robert Dick, Mark Dresser, Denman Maroney
Marilyn Crispell & Gerry Hemingway                                                  KNITTING FACTORY WORKS (92) duo w/ Marilyn Crispell
Sonic Fiction                                                                                                        HAT ART CD 6043 (90) w/Georg Graewe, Ernst Reijseger
Wooferlo   BassDrumBone                                                                          SOUL NOTE 1121197-1 (89) w/Ray Anderson, Mark Helias
You Be   Anderson/Helias/Hemingway  (BassDrumBone)                                  MINOR MUSIC 007 (86) w/Ray Anderson, Mark Helias
Right Down Your Alley   Ray Anderson                                                         SOUL NOTE SN 1087 (84) w/Mark Helias
The Sky Cries the Blues   Creative Improvisors Orchestra                               C.M.I.F. RECORDS 1 (82) w/Oliver Lake, Leo Smith, Marty Ehrlich, Allan Jaffe and others
Oahspe                                                                                                  AURICLE RECORDS AUR-2 (79) w/Ray Anderson, Mark Helias

Compilations with his Compostion:

Option 2018                                                                                                                    OPTION 1 CvsD 059  (19)
         performance of  “Calling You” solo performance from October 22, 2018

Creative Music Studios Archive Selections 2                                                                               PA 301547  (16)
         performance of  “Revolution Poem” for Large Ensemble recorded in 1980

The Kitchen Improvises 1976 - 1983                                                        ORANGE MOUNTAIN MUSIC 0088  (15)
         First solo performance of  “Black Wind” recorded Nov 12 1981 at the Kitchen

Wachovia Jazz 08                                                                                                                SPOLETO FESTIVAL (08)
         Promo disc - solo work included “Dance of the Sphygmoids”
Just Drumming   Compilation of Solo Drum Recordings                                      FEVER PITCH MUSIC 26 (03)
         includes "Kernal" for trapset and sampler
Guelph Jazz Festival Compilation                                                                                        INTREPID EAR 001 (01)
         trio w/David Mott, Mark Dresser
Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf    20th Anniversary Cd                                                  EDLINGER PRODUCTIONS(97)
          collection of recordings w/one piece by Gerry Hemingway Quintet, "Beef"
October Meeting 1  "Second Line Rattoon" perf. by A. Braxton,                                     BIM HUIS CD 01 (91)
         J. Carter, G. Lewis, L. Smith, H. Robertson, L. Sclavis, H. Bennink, M. Moore, B.Marini

Recordings as a Performer of other Composer's Work:

Its Always Now  Ralph Alessi Quartet                                                                                         ECM (23)      
          w/ Florian Weber, Bänz Oester

#entrainments  James Ilgenfritz Quartet                                                        INFREQUENT SEAMS 50 (23)      
          w/ Nathan Bontrager, Angelike Niescier, Gerry Hemingway
Live in Baden  Day &Taxi                                                                                                 CLEAN FEED (22)
          w/ Christoph Gallio, Silvan Jeger
Cretan Dialogues  Michael Moore - Fragile Quartet                                                        RAMBOY # 35 (19)      
          w/ Harman Fraanje, Clemens van der Feen

 Devotion    Day & Taxi                                                                                           PERCASO RECORDS  37 (19)      
          w/ Christoph Gallio, Silvan Jeger
Readings - Red Calvary  Simon Nabatov            LEO RECORDS LR 857 (19) w/ Phil Minton, Frank Gratkowski, Marcus Schmickler Readings - Gileya Revisiteds   Simon Nabatov            LEO RECORDS LR 856 (19) w/ Jaap Blonk, Frank Gratkowski, Marcus Schmickler Synchrony Series  Sarah Weaver              SYNC SOURCE SS 11111 (19) w/solo work + SLM Ens. - Mark Dresser, Jane Ira Bloom, Ned Rothenberg, David Taylor, Min Xio Feng, a.o Illuminated Silence  Izumi Kimura Trio            FUNDACJA SLCHAJ FSR 01 (19) w/Barry Guy
Sideralis   Roberto Ottaviano Quarktet              DODICULIINE DISCHI Ed364 (17) w/Alexander Hawkins, Michael Formanek Destination Out   Jonathan Salvi Quintet   BEYOND GROOVE PRODUCTIONS (16) w/Samuel Blaser, Benjamin Knecht, Marius Meier Source   SLM Ensemble   (Sarah Weaver)          SYNC SOURCE LMI 222 (15) w/Mark Dresser, Jen Shyu, Robert Dick, Jane Ira Bloom, Marty Ehrlich, David Taylor, Ursel Schicht , a.o. A Mirror to Machaut   Samuel Blaser - Consort in Motion               SGL 1604-2 (13) w/Samuel Blaser, Russ Lossing, Drew Gress, Joachim Badenhorst
Music for the Last Flower   The Diane Moser Quintet               PLANET ARTS 301325 (13) w/Diane Moser, Marty Ehrlich, Ben Wiliiams, Mark Dresser le vent et la gorge   Frank Gratkowski Quartet               LEO RECORDS 655 (12) w/Frank Gratkowski, Wolter Wierbos, Dieter Manderschied The Creators Bend a Master Plan   Longrun Development of the Universe               NEOS 41003 (10) w/Carl Ludwig Hubsch, Matthias Schubert, Wolter Wierbos
The Apple in the Dark   Ivo Perelman                                                                 LEO RECORDS CDLR 569 (10)   
         duo w/Ivo Perelman 

A Quiet Thing  Lisa Sokolov                                                                LAUGHING HORSE RECORDS 1013 (09)
        w/John DeMartino, Cameron Brown

Cleome   Judi Silvano                                                                                                           JSL RECORDS 007 (08)
        w/George Garzone, John Lindberg, Mike Formanek
Loaded Basses  Joe Fonda’s Bottoms Out                                                              C.I.M.P. RECORDS 343 (06)
         w/Claire Daly, Joe Daley, Gebhard Ulmann, Michael Rabinowitz
Live at the Outpost Performance Series   Conference Call                                           482 MUSIC 1045 (06)
         w/Gebhard Ulmann, Michael Jefrey Stevens, Joe Fonda

Presence   Lisa Sokolov                                                                       LAUGHING HORSE RECORDS 1011 (04)
         w/John DeMartino, Cameron Brown
Segments  John Hagen                                                                                                         C.I.M.P. RECORDS (04)
         w/Denman Maroney, Mark Dresser, Todd Capp a.o.
Facio  Frank Gratkowski Quartet                                                                                     LEO RECORDS 398 (04)
         w/Wolter Wierbos, Doeter Manderschied
Suite for Helen F  Ivo Perelmen Double Trio                                            BOXHOLDER RECORDS 038/38 (04)
         w/Mark Dresser, Dominic Duval, Jay Rosen
Blends  Richard Teitelbaum & Katsuya Yokoyama                               NEW ALBION RECORDS NA 118 (04)
         w/Mark Dresser, Ned Rothenberg
Telectu Quartettos  Telectu                                                                               CLEAN FEED RECORDS 008 (03)
         w/Jorge Lima Barretto, VÌtor Rua, Tom Chant
Wide Unclasp  Moritz Eggert                                                      BETWEEN THE LINES RECORDSBTL 031 (03)
         w/ CÈline Rudolf, Steve Bernstein, Sebastian Hess, Ralph Beerkircher, Georg Breinschmid
Spectral Reflections  Frank Gratkowski Quartet                                                       LEO RECORDS  374 (03)
         w/Wolter Wierbos, Dieter Mandershied
Tania    Anthony Davis                                                                                           KOCH INT CLASSICS 7467 (01)
         w/Bert Turetzkey, Cynthia Aaronson Davis, JD Parran and many others
Abacus John Law Quartet                                                                                                       hatOLOGY 0567(01)
         w/John Lloyd, Tim Wells
Kollaps  Frank Gratkowski Quartet                                                                                 RED TOUCAN 9317 (01)
         w/Wolter Wierbos, Dieter Mandershied
Maronade   Mark Dresser                                                                                         TZADIK RECORDS 7063 (00)
         w/Skulli Sevrinsson, Michael Sarin
Sharing the Thirst Michel Wintsch                                                                     LEO RECORDS CD LR 300 (01)
         w/Baenz Oester, Marie Schwab, Natalie Saudan
Michel Wintsch & Road Movie featuring Gerry Hemingway                           BETWEEN THE LINES 02 (99)
         w/Martin Shütz, Peter Schärli, Nathalie Saudan and six others
Lazy Afternoon Lisa Sokolov                                                       LAUGHING HORSE RECORDS LHR1008( 99)
         w/Mike Richmond, Jim McNeely, David Gonzalez
Verbatim - Flesh & Blood   Bob Ostertag                                                                                SEELAND  512(99)
         w/Phil Minton, Mark Dresser
Spectral Domains James Emery Septet                                                                 ENJA RECORDS 93442(98)
         w/Mike Formanek, Marty Ehrlich, Mark Feldman, Chris Speed,Kevin Norton
Ivo Perlman Quartet      Sound Heirachy                                                                 MUSIC & ARTS CD 997(97)
         w/Marilyn Crispell, William Parker
Ivo Perlman Quartet      En Ardir (The Jewish Songs)                                        MUSIC & ARTS CD 996 (97)
         w/Marilyn Crispell, William Parker
Anthony Braxton Quartet  (Santa Cruz) 1993                                                            HAT ART CD 2-6190 (97)
         w/Marilyn Crispell, Mark Dresser
Standing on a Whale, Fishing for Minnows James Emery Quartet                ENJA RECORDS 93122 (97)
         w/Mike Formanek, Marty Ehrlich
October Meeting 1991: Anatomy of Meeting  Various Artists                                            BIMHUIS 004 (97)
         w/ project of Mark Dresser w/Earl Howard, Mark Feldman, Marilyn Crispell a.o.

Verbatim   Bob Ostertag                                                                                         RASTACAN  RR BRD029 (96)
         w/Phil Minton, Mark Dresser
MGM Trio                                                                                                                                         RAMBOY # 9 (96)
         w/Marilyn Crispell, Michael Moore
Reviews    Klaus König Orchestra                                                                                            ENJA 9061 2 (96)
         w/Ray Anderson, Mark Feldman, David Moss, The Bobs, Matthias Schubert a.o.
Cerebral Caverns    Reggie Workman                                                                          POSTCARDS 1010 (95)
         w/Sam Rivers, Geri Allen, Julian Priester, Tappan Modak, Elizabeth Panzer
Angelica 1994           Various Artists from the Festival                                                           CAICAI 006 (95)
         w/Fred Frith. John Zorn, Bob Ostertag, Mark Dresser, Phil Minton, John Oswald                                   
Digging it Harder from Afar    New Winds                                                                             VICTO CD028 (94)
         w/Robert Dick, J.D. Parran, Ned Rothenberg
Twelve Compositions   Anthony Braxton Quartet                                   MUSIC & ARTS 2-CD CD-835 (94)
         w/Marilyn Crispell, Mark Dresser
The Last Day on Earth  John Cale & Bob Neuwirth                                                             MCAD-11037 (94)
         w/Soldier String Quartet, Dave Tronzo, Erik Sainkho
Time Fragments   Klaus König Orchestra                                                                               ENJ-8076 2 (94)
         w/Kenny Wheeler, Michel Godard, Mark Dresser, Mark Feldman, Robert Dick a.o.
(Berkeley) 1993 Anthony Braxton Quartet                                               MUSIC & ARTS 2-CD CD-835 (94)
         w/Marilyn Crispell, Mark Dresser
Say No More in Person   Bob Ostertag                                                                        TRANSIT 44 44 44 (94)
         w/Mark Dresser, Phil Minton
Stellar Pulsations/Three Composers   Marilyn Crispell                            LEO RECORDS CD LR 194 (94)
         w/Don Byron
Chamber Works 1990-1992  Georg Graewe                                        RANDOM ACOUSTICS RA-003 (94)
         w/Anne LeBaron, Phil Minton, Michael Moore, Hans Schneider
Say No More   Bob Ostertag                                                                                                       RECDEC 59 (93)
         w/Mark Dresser, Phil Minton
(Victoriaville) 1992  Anthony Braxton Quartet                                                                  VICTO CD 021 (93)
         w/Marilyn Crispell, Mark Dresser
(Coventry) 1985   Anthony Braxton Quartet                                                            LEO CD LR 204/205 (93)
         w/Marilyn Crispell, Mark Dresser
Marilyn Crispell Trio                                                                                                MUSIC & ARTS CD-758 (93)
         w/Reggie Workman
Love is Dead  Lenore van Stein                                                                                                   LVS CD -1 (92)
         w/ Fred Hopkins, David Lopato
X   The Life & Times of Malcolm X An Opera by Anthony Davis                GRAMAVISION R2-79470 (92)
         w/Episteme, Orchestra of St. Lukes, Thomas Young & many others                                                      
Home Game  Michael Moore Quintet                                                                                      RAMBOY 02 (92)
         w/Herb Robertson, Fred Hersch, Mark Helias
Willasau '91 Anthony Braxton Quartet                                                                                    HATART CD (92)
         w/Marilyn Crispell, Mark Dresser
(Birmingham) 1985  Anthony Braxton Quartet                                                                       LEO CD LR (92)
         w/Marilyn Crispell, Mark Dresser
The Kitchen Concerts  Marilyn Crispell Trio                                                                    LEO CD LR 178 (91)
         w/ Mark Dresser
Inside/Outside  David Lopato                                                                                          ENEMY RECORDS (91)
         w/ Mark Helias
Turbulence   James Emery  Illiad Quartet                                          KNITTING FACTORY WORKS CD (91)
         w/Mike Formanek, Rob Scwimmer
Circles   Marilyn Crispell Quintet                                                                                          VICTO CD 012 (91)
         w/Oliver Lake, Reggie Workman, Peter Buettner                                                                                      
(Prag) 1984   Anthony Braxton Quartet                                                         SOUND ASPECTS CD 038 (91)
         w/Marilyn Crispell, John Lindberg                                                                                                             
Images   Reggie Workman Ensemble                                                                MUSIC & ARTS CD-634 (90)
         w/Don Byron, Jeanne Lee, Marilyn Crispell, Michele Navazio
Rodan  Sato Michihiro                                                                                                      HAT ART CD 6015 (89)
         w/Bill Frisell, Mark Dresser
The White Line  Franz Kogelmann                                                                                HAT ART CD 6048 (90)
         w/Paul Bley, Tony Coe, Mario Arcari, Klaus Koch and others
(Victoriaville) 1988   Anthony Braxton Ensemble                                                                     VICTO 07 (89)
         w/Bobby Naughton, George Lewis, Paul Smoker, Joelle Leandre, Evan Parker
(London) 1985   Anthony Braxton Quartet                                               LEO RECORDS 414/415/416 (88)
         w/Marilyn Crispell, Mark Dresser
The Ghost Factory   Anthony Davis, Kansas City Symp.                              GRAMAVISION 1888071 (88)
         as featured soloist on the violin concerto "Maps"
if my memory serves me right   Anthony Braxton Quartet                                      WEST WIND 004 (88)
         w/David Rosenboom, Mark Dresser   (Unauthorized Release)
The Coventry Concert   The Anthony Braxton Quartet                                              WEST WIND 001 (88)
         w/Marilyn Crispell, Mark Dresser   (Unauthorized Release)
Undine   Episteme (Anthony Davis)                                                                   GRAMAVISION 1886124 (87)
         w/Shem Guibbory, Abdul Wadud, Marty Ehrlich, J.D. Parran, David Miller
Five Compositions 1986  Anthony Braxton Quartet                                      BLACK SAINT BSR 0106 (87)
         w/David Rosenboom, Mark Dresser
Four Compositions 1984   Anthony Braxton Quartet                                    BLACK SAINT BSR 0086 (85)
         w/Marilyn Crispell, John Lindberg
Split Image   Mark Helias                                                                                                             ENJA 4086 (85)
         w/Dewey Redman, Herb Robertson, Tim Berne
Right Down Your Alley   Ray Anderson                                                                   SOUL NOTE SN 1087 (84)
         w/Mark Helias
Four Compositions 1983   Anthony Braxton Quartet                                    BLACK SAINT BRS 0066 (84)
         w/George Lewis, John Lindberg
Portal   Ned Rothenberg                                                                                                          LUMINA L006 (83)
         duo on "Polysemy"
Harrisburg Half-Life   Ray Anderson                                                                     MOERS MUSIC 01074 (80)
         w/Allan Jaffe, Mark Dresser
Soundscape   Allan Jaffe                                                                                                   KROMEL KR001 (79)
     w/James Newton, Rick Rozie, Ray Anderson
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