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"Poetry is ambigious, it lets musical elements such as time and sound enter the world of words." John Cage

You Tube Playlist of peformances and recordings posted by me and others

YouTube Playlist of the entire 2015 Stone Residency (38 videos)

Music Talks : A series of musician to musician interviews I have done at the Hochschule Luzern since 2011 (includes written portraits and podcasts)

My interview at Jazz Willisau Festival 2013 with Anthony Braxton

audio & print interviews by others with me ...

Podcast with Ronan Guilfoyle "The Art And Science of Time Interview #12" - 17th January 2023

Video Interview "Dr. Jazz Talks #208" with Samo Šalamon - 23rd January 2022

Audio Interview with Tim Daisy - Posted - 17th March 2022 • OPTION Talks • Experimental Sound Studio & Catalytic Sound

Interview with Troy Collins for Point of Departire " An American in Luzern"

Email Interview with April 20, 2019

Audio Interview with Joe Dimino on the Jazz Blog Neon Jazz March 2016

Interview in Musica Jazz about "kernelings" and Solo Work (including film) by Elia Moreti- May 2015

AMN Interview by Mike Borella - January 2014

Interview (9-2011) with Ted Harms published by Critical studies in Improvisation - Guelph

Article for Jerusalem Post by Barry Davis - Interview Q & A

Interview with Pachi Tapiz for TomaJazz (January 2011)

The Art of Listening: A Sense of Place (article I wrote for AAJ)

Radio Interview on Taran's Free Jazz Hour (May 2009)

GH interview with Pierre Villeret for Macao Magazine (2009)

GH Interview with Sergio Picirilli for El Intruso Magazine (2008)

GH Interview with Rogelio Periera Conde Oro Molido magazine (2008)

GH Interview with Tom Sekowski (2003)

GH Interview with Laurence Svirchev (99/00)

GH Interview with Fred Jung (1999)

GH Interview with William Shoemaker (1999)

GH Interview with Yves Citton (1998)

GH Interview with Keith McMullen (1998)

of interest ....

Article on Georg Graewe by Bruce Carnevale

Jazz Word (Ken Waxman/Susan O'Connor)

Point of Departure

The King's English

The Shaggs-- BBC short film on the Shaggs by Jon Ronson (currently not available)

Skunkbucket LeFunke

Regarding Ken Burn's "Jazz" by Jeffrey St. Clair

Courtney Love's speech about Piracy in the Music Business

Courtney Love's Letter to Recording Artists

Future Of Music Coalition

Shakespeare Magnet Poetry

Helmut Lachenmann

Roy Brooks

Good Luck Mr. Gorsky

Ani DiFranco Lyrics

Ani DiFranco-Self Evident mp3


Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Wadada Leo Smith

Bird Migration Schedules

Jazz Discography by Tom Lord

William Faulkner

Musical Playgrounds for Kids: The History of Jazz Music

The brambles and the thorns grew thick and thicker in a ticking thicket of bickering crickets. Farther along and stronger, bonged the gongs of a throng of frogs, green and vivid on their lily pads. From the sky came the crying of flies, and the pilgrims leaped over a bleating sheep creeping knee-deep in a sleepy stream, in which swift and slippery snakes slid and slithered silkily, whispering sinful secrets.
James Thurber
from "The Thirteen Clocks"

"The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but rather the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity." Glenn Gould

"The artist's role is to fail"
Samuel Beckett

To The Editor:

Regarding Ken Burns's (or is it Wynton Marsalis's?)"Jazz": Now that we've been put through the socioeconomic radical forensics of a jazz-illiterate historian and a self-imposed jazz expert prone to sophomoric generalizations and ultraconservative politically correct (for now) utterances, not to mention a terribly heavy-handed narration (where every detail takes on the importance of major revelation) and weepy-eyed nostalgic reveries, can we have some films about jazz by people who actually know and understand the music itself and are willing to deal comprehensively with the last 40 years of this richest of American treasures? -- Keith Jarrett, New York Times Arts and Leisure 1/21/01.

"...people used to make records
as in a record of an event
the event of people playing music in a room
now everything is cross-marketing
its about sunglasses and shoes
or guns and drugs
you choose
we got it rehashed
we got it half-assed
we're digging up all the graves
and we're spitting on the past
and you can choose between the colors
of the lipstick on the whores
cause we know the difference between
the font of 20% more
and the font of teriakiyi
you tell me
how does it make you feel?

You tell me what's real"

52 flavors - Ani Difranco

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